Tyranny of Dragons

Session #4 Recap

Nyx returned from her scouting trip without much time to spare before you expect the camp to start posting guards – assuming the information you gleaned by torturing the soldier from the rearguard was correct. After she changed back into her normal gnome form, she quickly outlined what she saw, and the group concocted a plan to rescue the villagers. This plan involved leaving Heikki to hide outside of the camp, fearing that by being a Dragonborn he would attract far too much attention.

You decided to bluff your way through the camp, acting as if you were a group of hunters returning with your prize – a goat or other such animal, spun from thin air via a Minor Illusion spell. Under the direction of Arya, the ruse worked well enough to keep anyone from directly confronting you, and you made your way to the location Nyx identified as where the villagers were held prisoner.

A few quick words from Saccharinity convinced the guards there that these prisoners were in fact needed at the front of the camp to build a retaining wall. The guards, for their part, seemed relieved to be rid of the villagers, and were eager to head off to their own pursuits. The group then set off on their mission, ignoring the half-elf that Nyx had seen chained to a post near the Commanders’ tents in the high camp.

Fortunately, the journey out was as uneventful as the journey in. Some minor trouble was encountered at the front of the camp by the guards who had just been posted. Saccharinity once again stepped up to attempt some persuasion, and used her Fey Presence to Charm the guards into believing her story.

It was as such that the Fellowship of the Hawk walked directly into an enemy camp unmolested, and walked directly out with nine prisoners, entirely unopposed.

Once the group reached Heikki’s hiding place, Finellen explained to the villagers that they were sent there to rescue them, and that they were taking them back to Greenest. The villagers were nearly overcome with relief, and spent no shortage of time thanking the group for their efforts.

The jubilation was short lived as, a few hours into their trek, the group was ambushed by four Death Dogs – snarling two-headed beasts who mercilessly attacked the heroes. The situation turned dire once Arya, Delorean, Heikki and Saccharinity all fell to the Dogs’ attacks, but were eventually rescued by Finellen once the Dogs were defeated. The party regrouped, and made their way back to Greenest.

Up in Governor Nighthill’s chambers, the group recounted the tale of the rescue, and Nighthill was suitably impressed. He offered the promised reward, which was generously refused by a few characters. The Governor, when asked, also revealed some pieces of information that he obtained by interrogating one of the cultists who had broken into the keep the day before:

- The bandits are members of “The Cult of the Dragon”
- Greenest isn’t the first town they’ve plundered, and its valuables will make a great addition to the ‘Great Hoard’.

With normal business concluded, Nighthill summed Eamon Falconmoon to tend to the characters’ wounds (including applying the anti-venom for Death Dog Poison), and left the party to decompress in the keep’s ale cellar.



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