Tyranny of Dragons

Session #3 Recap

You awoke to a dull gray sky punctuated by drifting black smoke. The remains of last night’s attack lay scattered about the keep, and as you walked through its common areas you saw the toll etched on the faces of each villager you passed. One woman seemed particularly displeased at seeing Heikki, and stormed off when she caught sight of him.

Governor Nighthill made you a promising offer: scout the bandit’s forces, return any missing villagers, and he would reward you with the bulk of the gold remaining in the town’s treasury: 200 GP each. He also provided you with two Potions of Healing, and what you believe to be a Potion of Climbing, and wished you well.

Tracking a small horde of bandits through the verdant countryside of the Greenfields proved simple. Their path wound southeast, up into the plateaus which surround the area. A few hours into your journey, a pair of ankhegs, sensing your presence and thinking you a fine meal, burst forth from under your feet. Because most of you had felt the trembling earth beforehand, however, you gained a surprise advantage on them, and were able to position yourselves in two ranks to trap your foes. A short few seconds later, and you were unharmed, and the large insect-like beasts were corpses.

Continuing on, you soon came upon an area that seemed ripe for an ambush. Delorean sent his hawk familiar skyward, and sure enough, spotted your attackers. After some debate, the group decided that the most prudent course of action was to spring the trap.

The fight was short and heavily in the Fellowship’s favor. The enemy’s boulder trap only hurt Finellen, and once spent, the ambushers could only follow up with a few futile spells and arrows before being overcome.

A single acolyte was able to surrender, and offered you a few pieces of information in exchange for his life: the location of the camp and a sketch of it; information that the guards wouldn’t officially be posted for another hour, so anyone should be able to sneak in easily; and the names of the leaders were a human woman named Frulam Mondath, a blue Dragonborn named Langdedrosa, and another black Dragonborn whose name he didn’t know and who kept mostly to himself. You debated killing this prisoner, but decided to hold to your word and let him go.

At the camp, you found it divided into three groups: kobolds and their rudimentary huts were towards the front of a horseshoe-shaped gully inset in the plateau, with a mercenary camp behind them, and yet a third group, more professional than the others, towards the back.

With the sun beginning to set, your plan to scout the camp and find the location of the missing villagers was to send in Nyx as a Wildshaped cat.



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