Tyranny of Dragons

Session #1 Recap

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

The party was accompanying a teamster named Berny to the town of Greenest with his wagon full of cargo. On arriving there, they see the town in flames, under attack by a dragon and what appears to be a small army. The group was immediately found by a group of kobolds, who apparently posed little threat and were easily dispatched, mostly thanks to a well-placed Sleep spell by Delorean (Eric).

Berny reminded them that he was paying them to protect him from trouble on the road, and insisted they escort him all the way into the keep. On their way there, they encountered a woman and her family being attacked by kobolds and cultists. This group, too, was easily defeated, andDelorean grabbed one of the dark robes from one of the fallen cultists. The family climbed aboard the wagon, and everyone made it safely into the keep.

Once inside, Delorean sent his hawk familiar up into the sky to try to get a better look at the dragon – who promptly saw the hawk, and decided to blast it with some lightning breath. Just before his familiar was very thoroughly turned into char, Delorean was able to see the dragon through his arcane link with his hawk, and saw that it appeared to be an adult blue dragon.

The PCs (Player Characters) were introduced to Governor Tarbaw Nighthill, who runs the town of Greenest. He appealed to them to help the town survive this attack in any way that they could, and he seemed distraught that he could only offer the characters 50 GP each as a way of reward.

Nighthill gave the group a key to a tunnel beneath the keep, which lead out to a stream at the edge of town. Finding the grating there locked, Arya (Marta) had the thought to pick the lock, but found that she didn’t have any Thieves’ Tools handy. Instead, Heikki (Chris) easily dismantled it with a well placed kick. The noise, however, alerted a nearby group of kobolds, cultists, and a drake, who ambushed the characters as they exited the tunnel. This fight was only slightly more challenging, but the group prevailed quickly, again thanks to a powerful Sleep spell.

With Duath (John) and Arya sneaking just ahead to the Temple of Chauntea, the characters were able to gain a surprise round on kobolds and cultists guarding the back door. Nyx restrained half of the enemies with an Entangle spell, which seemed to put everything in the PCs favor, but the group was still unable to kill all of the enemies before one of them was able to raise a cry for help. And just as the final kobold was killed, another group of kobolds, cultists, and a single human dressed in black robes with a black mask came in as reinforcements. This combat was tougher for the group, with both Duath and Nyx dropping to 0 hit points before all the enemies were slain. Fortunately, Finellen (Jill) was able to revive Duath with a quick Lay On Hands, and Heikki tended to Nyx with his Healer’s Kit.

With their party members restored, the group now stands outside the Temple of Chauntea. Signs of the assault still rage all around — plenty of buildings are on fire now — but the sounds of fighting and the screams of villagers seem to have abated…



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